9 vehicles, 3 injured involved in pile-up wreck in Buffalo

9 vehicles, 3 injured involved in pile-up wreck in Buffalo

There are a few lessons we can all learn from this story, and the first is that with winter well under way, it is imperative that all drivers out there pay special attention to the speed at which you are traveling. Additionally, all drivers should be on the lookout for slick road conditions.

Another lesson here is that if you do get into a car accident, you should always receive medical treatment at the scene. That treatment will not only help you heal quicker, it will also lead to a record being made of your injuries and what you were treated for. This record could be referenced in any lawsuit that you may file later.

Last but not least, pile-up accidents like this are very complex from a legal standpoint. With so many cars involved and many different insurance agencies involved, it may seem difficult to apply liability. However, shared liability principles allow fault to be applied to the parties involved in a complex pile-up crash like this.

Source: The Buffalo News, “Three women injured in 9-car crash on Grand Island bridge,” Matt Gryta, Jan. 4, 2017

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