Brain, spinal injuries can change your life

Brain, spinal injuries can change your life

Or at least that’s the way it seems at first.

After the crash, you meet with medical responders and get treated. But hours pass. Then days. That twinge in your neck hasn’t gone away. The headaches are getting worse. Your concentration hasn’t been what it was since the accident. Your back constantly hurts. What is happening to you?

You’ve likely suffered a brain injury, a spinal cord injury, whiplash, or any combination of the three. These injuries are insidious. They are very difficult to recognize in many cases, and their effects aren’t fully realized until much later. As minor as whiplash may seem, it can be a life-changing injury that has a dramatic effect on many different aspects of a person’s physicality and mental acuity.

These injuries are also common in rollover accidents, where the upper body can be torqued and impacted in unnatural and painful ways. If you suffer any of these injuries and you were in a motor vehicle accident that was started by a negligent driver, consult with an attorney immediately.

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