Buffalo building struck by a car, police investigating incident

Buffalo building struck by a car, police investigating incident

A restaurant in north Buffalo was crashed into by an out of control vehicle recently. Thankfully, no one was hurt. The wreck occurred at 6:40 in the morning and the police are investigating the matter. It is unclear at this time what caused the driver to lose control of her vehicle.

There aren’t many accidents like this, though they do happen from time to time. Buildings, when involved in a car accident, create some interesting legal complications for both the driver and the building owner. Insurance issues are often a major concern in car accidents, but when a car collides with a building, this becomes a much more acute problem.

Of course the main factor in this story is the great unknown: why the driver lost control of her vehicle in the first place. It could have been an innocent thing, or maybe there was a mechanical malfunction with the car that caused it to veer off course. But often there are more sinister reasons for crashes like this.

In some cases, the driver was drunk or distracted by their phone in some way. In others, the driver was lost in thought, having a conversation with someone in the car or changing the radio. When a distracted driver causes a crash, the victims of that crash must hold the negligent driver responsible.

Source: TWC News, “Car Crashes Into North Buffalo Restaurant,” March 4, 2017

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