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Buffalo building struck by a car, police investigating incident

The following story is more sensationalist than it is informative, but it still exemplifies a couple of important points about car accidents and the effect they can have outside of injuries and damaged vehicles. A restaurant in north Buffalo was crashed into by an out of control vehicle recently. Thankfully, no one was hurt. The […]

Drunk driver crashes into group of motorcyclists

A fatal motor vehicle accident in Litchfield, Connecticut claimed one life and left several others injured after an intoxicated woman struck a group of motorcyclists. The woman had a blood alcohol level of 0.09 when the accident occurred and the police have arrested her on numerous charges, including manslaughter, assault and driving under the influence. […]

How brain injuries can affect you after a car accident

People who survive a car accident often live with injuries and medical conditions for a long time after the wreck. For example, imagine being in a rollover accident where you suffered injuries to your upper body, neck and head. Given that brief description, you could be dealing with severe whiplash, broken vertebrae, a traumatic brain […]

Tractor trailer sideswipes stop-sign running vehicle

Two days ago, a road had to be closed in Sanborn, New York, just to the north of Buffalo, as a result of a fatal motor vehicle accident. A 71-year-old man was killed in the wreck that occurred just before 3 p.m. The 71-year-old’s vehicle was struck from the side by a tractor trailer due […]

How You Can Seek Auto Product Liability Compensation

Motorists always face numerous risks while driving on the road. Such risks encompass a broad scope of hazards ranging from negligent drivers to unmarked road signs. However, few drivers consider that the most perilous threat might originate from the vehicle itself. Whether it’s a manufacturing error, inadequate warnings or poor design, motorists need to take […]

How and why truck accidents occur

In our last post, we talked about a truck accident that involved a snowplow. The snowplow driver tried to get around the truck in a bend in the road, and given the snowy conditions, this led to an unfortunate accident. Thankfully, the snowplow driver survived the fall off the highway that resulted from attempted pass. […]

Snowplow falls off highway after run-in with semi-truck

Video of a stunning accident involving a snowplow and a semi-truck has been released, showing just how lucky the driver of the snowplow is to be alive. In the video, the snowplow tries to pass the truck, but ends up getting clipped. As a result, the snowplow goes flying off an embankment on the highway, […]

Motorcyclists are at risk out on the road

Imagine driving down the road one evening after a long day at work. You settle in to the commute and as you are driving along you see a vehicle up ahead that seems to be swerving a little bit. You’re not sure if the driver is intoxicated or distracted, but in any case, he or […]

In a car accident? Take effective steps to address it

A couple of months ago, we wrote a post about being in a car accident and the many legal questions that arise in the wake of such a car accident. The context here is that it has been days, weeks, or even months after the wreck. But what about in the immediate moments after the […]