Could improved motorcycle helmet with video cam improve safety?

Could improved motorcycle helmet with video cam improve safety?

Expanding the safety equipment available to motorcyclists or even improving current equipment is a necessary step going forward, and it appears that a new breakthrough could really help motorcyclists have eyes in the back of their head — though not quite literally.

A startup in the United Kingdom has developed a motorcycle helmet that has a video camera facing backwards. The video feed is then delivered to the motorcyclist’s visor. It shows up in their peripheral vision, giving them the ability to see what is going on behind them without the somewhat-inadequate side mirrors on the motorcycle that are limited in scope and depth.

Inventions like this and improvements in the area of motorcyclist safety are needed. Cars and other vehicles are constantly improving, and while motorcycle certainly have improved over the years, it feels like they haven’t kept pace in terms of safety. Hopefully there will be a day in the future when motorcyclists are adequately protected out on the road and the accident rate is dramatically reduced.

Source: New Scientist, “Rear-view helmet vision may help avert motorbike accidents,” Victoria Turk, March 15, 2017

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