Dozing FedEx driver blamed for 8-car pile-up

Dozing FedEx driver blamed for 8-car pile-up

Someone filmed the May 5 crash on a cellphone. The footage depicts the FedEx truck veering suddenly into the middle lane and crashing into another vehicle. From there, the truck rear-ended another vehicle, forcing it into a fourth car and pushing that fourth vehicle under a semi truck.

The driver of the car trapped under the semi managed to escape. He saw another car was on fire and hurried over to rescue that driver. He believes the person in the burning car might have died had he hesitated.

Police arrived at the scene and cited the FedEx driver for fatigued driving. It appears he and FedEx are very lucky that nobody was seriously hurt, though ABC does not go into specifics about the extent of the victims’ injuries.

Many people do not get the sleep they needed to feel rested and refreshed in the morning, for one reason or another. But an overly fatigued person is dangerous behind the wheel of a car or truck. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that sleepy American motorists cause around 100,000 crashes every year.

These incidents range from fender-benders to scary pile-ups like the one we discussed today. Unfortunately, you can never predict if you will get into a car crash, despite your best efforts to drive safely, because others on the road may not be acting so responsibly.

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