How and why truck accidents occur

How and why truck accidents occur

Irresponsible or negligent driving by other drivers can cause truck accidents. It isn’t always the truck driver’s fault when a truck accident happens.

However, there are plenty of examples that show just how truck drivers — or even the truck itself — could cause an accident:

  • The truck could malfunction in some way. If a truck isn’t properly maintained, then mechanical breakdowns are more likely. If these malfunctions occur at high speeds on a freeway, a major accident could occur. Also, the cargo of a truck plays an important role in the truck’s stability and safety. If the truck isn’t properly loaded, then making turns safely or braking on time could be difficult — or even impossible.
  • The truck driver could behave in an unsafe or dangerous manner. This includes a lot of potential actions, including distracted driving, drunk driving, fatigued driving, speeding, road rage and many other behaviors.

No matter how a truck accident occurs, it is imperative that the entire crash be investigated. Those affected by the wreck should consult with an attorney.

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