Hyundai Sonata models recalled for sunroof defect

Hyundai Sonata models recalled for sunroof defect

The voluntary recall includes approximately 72,811 cars assembled at the company’s Alabama plant. This includes 2015 and 2016 sedans assembled between May 28, 2014 and March 18, 2016 and hybrid vehicles assembled between December 8, 2014 and August 18, 2015. Notices were mailed out to owners of all potentially affected vehicles.

According the recall report filed by Hyundai to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) earlier this month, the wind deflector that is incorporated into the sunroof can become partially detached from its mounting. It then interferes with the movable, tempered glass sunroof panel, causing it to also detach. Alternately, the sunroof can detach if the panel is forced closed. If the sunroof detaches while the vehicle is in motion, it can become a dangerous obstacle for other drivers.

Warning signs of a possible malfunction include increased noise in the vehicle, due to the loose wind deflector, and an inability to fully close the sunroof. If these occur, take your vehicle to a Hyundai dealer for a repair at no cost to you.

According to Hyundai’s report to the NHTSA, no accidents or injuries have been reported to the company as a result of this faulty sunroof construction. If you are injured as a result of this or any other automobile defect or malfunction, contact an attorney to discuss your legal right to compensation.

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