Snowplow falls off highway after run-in with semi-truck

Video of a stunning accident involving a snowplow and a semi-truck has been released, showing just how lucky the driver of the snowplow is to be alive. In the video, the snowplow tries to pass the truck, but ends up getting clipped. As a result, the snowplow goes flying off an embankment on the highway, […]

Motorcyclists are at risk out on the road

Imagine driving down the road one evening after a long day at work. You settle in to the commute and as you are driving along you see a vehicle up ahead that seems to be swerving a little bit. You’re not sure if the driver is intoxicated or distracted, but in any case, he or […]

In a car accident? Take effective steps to address it

A couple of months ago, we wrote a post about being in a car accident and the many legal questions that arise in the wake of such a car accident. The context here is that it has been days, weeks, or even months after the wreck. But what about in the immediate moments after the […]

9 vehicles, 3 injured involved in pile-up wreck in Buffalo

A couple of days ago, nine vehicles were involved in a pile-up accident on the Grand Island Bridge in northern Buffalo, New York. The wreck left three people with injuries; two of whom required hospitalization, and one who was treated at the scene. Thankfully, none of the people harmed in the crash suffered serious injuries. […]

Proposal to limit trucks’ speed with inhibiting device

About a month ago we wrote a post about a truck accident which involved the spilled contents of the truck’s cargo. Cargo is just one issue that is inherent to the topic of truck accidents. Another prominent topic is the speed of a truck, a topic which is being looked at by U.S. lawmakers. A […]

Brain, spinal injuries can change your life

Imagine that as you are driving down the highway, you are struck by another driver. The crash causes your vehicle to spin out of control, and you collide with the center divider at a high speed. You survive the crash, as does the driver of the other vehicle. And miraculously, neither of you suffer serious […]

New York roads were remarkably safe in 2015

Did you know that in 2015, the state of New York experienced 1,046 fatal car accidents? That sounds like a lot, but put in context, New York actually has a relatively low death rate given its population. California, Florida and Texas — all states with higher populations than New York — saw more fatal car […]

Just how road ready are semi-autonomous driving systems?

When it comes to auto safety technology, the majority of the discussion — and the dollars — are currently being directed to the development of semi-autonomous driving systems or, perhaps in simpler terms, cars with certain self-driving capabilities. While automakers and safety experts alike have been pushing this technology for years, viewing it as a […]

Truck accident leads to spilled cargo, nails litter highway

While the following story didn’t occur here in new York, the circumstances reminded us of an important element in the world of truck accidents. An accident in Florida involved a small pickup truck which flipped over. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the accident. However, when the truck flipped over, a bevy of nails and […]