Buffalo-area woman sentenced in deadly 2015 car wreck

Around eight months after an Erie County man lost his “grade school sweetheart” and his granddaughter was left in “constant pain” by a car crash, the person responsible for all of this was sentenced to prison. A county judge sentenced the defendant to 16 to 48 months in prison on a charge of criminally negligent […]

Marking Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is Distracted Drivers Awareness Month. Drivers who split their focus between the road and anything else continue to pose a deadly danger to everyone around them. Unfortunately, the obvious message has still not gotten through to enough drivers. We all know people who habitually drive while using their phone, whether to talk or text. It seems like half the people […]

Study: truckers with untreated sleep apnea at high risk of crash

Sleep apnea is a serious health problem that affects at least 25 million Americans. It causes your breathing to stop and restart repeatedly while you sleep, and can lead to tiredness in the daytime, along with irritability and trouble focusing. Besides the threat to the patient’s own long-term health, sleep apnea is a public safety […]

Car crashes into Buffalo-area house; 1 injured

When dangerous drivers are on the loose, you might not even be safe from injury inside your home. An out-of-control vehicle can easily jump the curb, careen across your lawn and crash into your house. If somebody happens to be in the room the car enters, that person could get seriously hurt. An elderly suburban […]

’24-7′ alcohol testing for drunk drivers being considered

Despite laws making drinking and driving a crime, people in Pennsylvania keep doing it. Police and lawmakers across the country continually search for new ways to deal with this public safety danger. Recently, ignition interlock devices have become common tools. Judges sentence many of those convicted of DUI to pay to have this device installed […]

Truckers talk accident dangers

Commercial truck drivers spend more time on New York’s highways than just about anyone. Spend enough years in the cab of a semi truck and you will see every kind of irresponsible and dangerous driving habit in the passenger vehicles around you. A news station in Oklahoma recently interviewed truckers about the most dangerous things […]