Honda announces millions more airbag recalls

The more automakers look into the defective Takata airbag problem, the more vehicles they must recall. In the latest expansion of the massive auto recall, Honda announced on Feb. 4 that it was adding more than 2.2 million vehicles currently on U.S. streets. Readers probably have heard about the scandal regarding airbags designed and manufactured […]

Do Buffalo’s pessimists cause more car wrecks than optimists?

Could your outlook on life affect whether bad things happen to you? Specifically, could being a pessimistic or cynical person increase the odds you get into a serious car crash? A study from China says it does. The study suggests that there is a connection between having a negative outlook and auto accidents. However, the […]

Prep your car for safe winter driving

Although Buffalonians “know snow”, winter weather still causes serious car crashes from time to time. Unfortunately, when a blizzard hits the East Coast, where people are not as accustomed to large amounts of snow in a short period of time, even more accidents occur during winter storms. So, we thought it a good time for a refresher on driving on ice and […]

After relearning to walk, spinal cord patients at risk of falls

Suffering a spinal cord injury is a terrifying experience. After receiving the diagnosis, one of the first questions on most victims’ minds is “Will I ever walk again?” The good news is, a spinal injury does not always mean a lifetime of paralysis. An article by a physical therapist published in the Toronto Star explains that […]

Parking lot crashes are not always minor accidents

With the holidays over, shoppers are finally able to take a breath and relax. During the course of the holiday season, the community may have noticed an uptick in local motor vehicle accidents. With the increase of holiday accidents, several news agencies and other media outlets have offered numerous tips and tricks to avoid accidents on the […]

Walmart driver in Tracy Morgan crash charged with 10 counts

A 2014 collision with a tractor trailer left actor and comedian Tracy Morgan with brain trauma and other severe injuries and killed another man in his vehicle. Now, the driver of that truck is facing felony charges, WNBC-TV reports. Readers may remember the crash, which received a great deal of media attention at the time. […]