Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

While many people in our area make their living in the construction industry, construction sites pose dangers to workers and others. Workers often lift heavy objects, perform work at great heights and operate heavy equipment, exposing themselves to the possibility of severe injury and death. At the law firm of Gelber & O’Connell, LLC, our lawyers are committed to helping construction accident victims get the full compensation to which they are entitled, including compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages.

We represent construction workers, window washers, heating and air conditioning contractors, electricians, plumbers and other labor employees who have suffered injuries such as back injuries, neck injuries, broken bones, head and brain injuries or paralysis. Our law firm also handles wrongful death cases. We are familiar with all Department of Labor and OSHA laws, and we work hard to hold negligent employers accountable for legal violations that result in injuries.

Employers are Responsible for Employee Safety

New York statutes impose a number of obligations on owners and general contractors at construction sites. They are responsible for providing construction workers with safe places to work. This includes making sure that equipment is safe to use and that regulations are followed regarding working at heights and issuing clear warnings about hazardous materials and work areas.

New York Labor Law Section 240 imposes absolute liability on employers to install and/or provide safety devices to give proper protection to construction workers. Section 241 requires that the owner and general contractor, for any work done at a construction, excavation or demolition site, provide reasonable and adequate safety protection for those who frequent the premises.

When an accident occurs that results in an injury, we hold negligent parties responsible for the negligence that caused the construction accident. For example, an on-site supervisor is responsible for the safety of the employees he or she supervises. Liability can also fall on other contractors at a construction site or the shoulders of the manufacturers of defective equipment.

Our team of attorneys has the skill and resources necessary to advocate on behalf of clients who have been injured in construction accidents involving:

Navigating the complicated landscape of construction can be a tumultuous process. At Gelber & O’Connell LLC, our experienced lawyers will be there by your side throughout the entire process. We will aggressively seek a settlement or verdict that properly compensates you for your injuries and losses from a construction accident.

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