Unsafe Drugs

Bringing Compensation Claims for Unsafe Drugs

You depend on the medications you take to treat symptoms, not create new ones. When unsafe drugs are put on the market, patients can be injured and even killed, especially when manufacturers overstate a drug’s benefits and downplay the risks associated with taking it.

At Gelber & O’Connell, LLC, we fight for the rights of clients and their families, helping them find justice after being harmed by unsafe drugs. Our knowledgeable attorneys guide clients through the legal process and serve as local advocates for individuals who can benefit from taking part in a mass tort claim.

What are Mass Tort Claims for Unsafe Drugs?

Mass tort claims offer ways to impose liability for dangerous or defective products. Mass tort claims consolidate claims from plaintiffs across the country into a single lawsuit against one or more manufacturer defendants to recover damages for widespread harm caused by products, such as an unsafe drug. Often, liability is established through one or more test cases at trial, followed by an exhaustive effort to establish a pool of money through settlement negotiations for the entire group of plaintiffs.

Mass tort claims can save time and money, making it easier for plaintiffs to seek justice. However, these claims often leave them without a local advocate to guide them through the process and fight for their best interests. We have therefore taken on that role for many local individuals who have suffered injuries as a result of taking unsafe drugs, while we work with national counsel to pursue their claims.

We also handle cases involving many other types of unsafe and dangerous drugs. If you have concerns about a particular medication, give us a call with any questions and our experienced lawyers will be happy to help. We’ll be here by your side and will work in conjunction with national firms through mass tort lawsuits.

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