Proposal to limit trucks’ speed with inhibiting device

Proposal to limit trucks’ speed with inhibiting device

A proposal is in place that would force truck companies to install devices on their trucks that would limit the speed at which the truck could travel. Whether the limits ends up being 60, 65 or 68 miles per hour is mostly irrelevant: the point is that a mechanically-imposed speed limit could save lives out on the road.

Trucks are often involved in accidents where it is revealed in the investigation that the truck driver was negligently operating his or her vehicle in terms of the speed of the vehicle. Maybe they were exceeding the speed limit, or maybe they took a turn at an unsafe speed given the truck’s weight or cargo. Whatever the case, speed is a crucial factor in many truck accidents, and any proposal that seeks to limit the speed of trucks and thus make roads safer seems to be a good one.

If this proposal is passed and becomes law, it would be a significant step forward for trucking regulations and road safety. Too many people are affected by dangerous trucks and irresponsible truck drivers every year.

Source: CBS Boston, “US Wants To Force Lower Speeds On Truck And Bus Drivers,” Tom Krisher, Aug. 26, 2016

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