The thing that distracts teen drivers more than cellphones

The thing that distracts teen drivers more than cellphones

This grim term refers to the weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day when Americans are most likely to hit the road for vacation. The more vehicles there are, the more negligent drivers there are — and the more people tend to get badly hurt or killed in crashes.

Teenage drivers are particularly likely to get into wrecks this time of year, often because they were driving while distracted. As we all know, phones are a major distraction for teen drivers. But a new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety suggests that other things are actually more common problems for younger motorists.

According to CBS News, researchers spent eight years documenting more than 2,200 moderate to severe crashes involving teen drivers, using dashboard cameras to gather evidence. Though cellphones caused 12 percent of the collisions, passengers led to 15 percent of the wrecks.

A representative from AAA said that when a teen has a passenger, he or she is more likely to become distracted, or do something risky behind the wheel.

Studies like this show that ending cellphone use while driving will not eliminate distracted driving injuries. Too many drivers think they can get away with driving and doing something else that splits their attention, like eating or putting on makeup.

Unfortunately, this means that you could get hit by a distracted driver someday, if it has not happened already. Victims can take action by hiring a personal injury attorney to help them seek justice.

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