Tractor trailer sideswipes stop-sign running vehicle

Tractor trailer sideswipes stop-sign running vehicle

This is a sad story, but unfortunately not an uncommon one. Tens of thousands of people die from fatal motor vehicle accidents every year. We need to do more to keep people safe out on the roads; and we as drivers need to always be paying attention out there, because distracted driving has become a terrible curse on the driving community.

Fatal car accidents leave an indescribable hole in the lives of many families. It is massive cavern, one that can’t be filled, and for the families of the victims they are left wondering “what are we supposed to do now?” In some cases, it is imperative that the victim’s family consult with an attorney.

There will be funeral services, insurance issues, financial considerations and legal ramifications all related to the car accident that claimed your loved one. And you should not deal with these factors without experienced legal help by your side.

Source: The Buffalo News, “North Tonawanda man killed in Sanborn collision,” Harold McNeil, Feb. 15, 2017

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