Who is liable for an injury in a commercial truck accident?

Who is liable for an injury in a commercial truck accident?

It is abnormal for a truck driver to disregard the law because many professionals understand that their large truck can injure or kill people in an accident. You may be asking yourself, who would be liable if Prince hits another vehicle? While we can’t answer that specific question, we can explore what causes eighteen-wheelers accidents and how courts determine liability in a collision.

To understand liability you need to understand how the vehicles first got into an accident. Collisions with a commercial vehicle can happen because of many factors, including unsafe passing or a passenger car lingering in a truck’s blind spot. Of course, a truck driver can also be responsible for collisions through their own negligence

Here are a few of the ways that truck drivers may contribute to an accident:

  • Operating a tractor-trailer truck at unsafe speeds
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Becoming distracted or not paying attention to the road

To determine if the truck driver is liable for an accident, a plaintiff must show that the truck driver “failed to exercise reasonable care” which led to the accident. If the plaintiff can prove a violation of reasonable care, they will then need to show that this collision caused an injury. A truck driver, shipping company or insurance company can all be liable if their negligence allowed the accident to occur.

Because of the many possible defendants and likely chance of serious injury in a truck accident suit, it may be beneficial to hire an attorney. A lawyer may be able to argue your case and provide experts who can explain the many details of a large vehicle collision. Depending on a judge’s interpretation of the law and the evidence, you may be able to get payment for damages that occurred.

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